Kiranant Ratanathammapan

กิรณันต์ รัตนธรรมพันธ์


Research Report

Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (2006).  Fabricated PVDF Acourtic emission sensor for lubricated bearing monitoring.  
Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (2006).  The Construction of PVDF Ltns-less line focus transducer.  
Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (2006).  Effect of dichange pomer on structural properties of copper thin films deposited by a compact ac magnetron sputtering system.  
Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (2005).  Langmuir probes studies on the production of plasma in microwave resonance cavity reactor.  
Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (1982).  Feasibility study an conversion and sterage of solar energy.  
Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (1981).  Lattice constant values in the (Cu1-xAgx)(In1-gGay)Te2 alloys.  
Kiranant Ratanathammapa.  (1980).  Pomer generation for homes from solar energy.