Boonrit Thongsong

บุญฤทธิ์ ทองทรง


Research Report

Boonrit Thongsong, Sarinee Kalandakanond-Thongsong.  (2006).  The expression of the amino acid transporter gene system ; LAT2 and 4F2he in the madin-darby canine kidney cell line.  
Boonrit Thongsong, Radhika, K.  (2005).  2005.  
Vanni Muangcharoen, Boonrit Thongsong, Pensuda Hoongpoo.  (1997).  The Effects of Probiotic Preparation on the Performance of Layers during a Period of Declining Egg.  
Boonrit Thongsong.  (1996).  Assessment of the Efficacy of Antibiotics Given as In-Feed Medication to Grower Pigs.