Poonlarp Cheepsunthorn

พูลลาภ ชีพสุนทร


Journal Article

Cheepsunthorn, Poonlarp; Nootchanat Mairaue; Krongkan Nasee.  (2006).  Estrogen enhances the inhibitory effect of iron on microglial nitric oxide production.  J Med Assoc Thai, 89(6), 840-845.  : (in Thai)
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Cheepsunthorn, Poonlarp.  (2001).  Hypoxic / ischemic insult alters ferrin expression and myelination in neonatal rat brains.  J comp Neurol, 431(4), 382-396.  
Cheepsunthorn, Poonlarp.  (2000).  New classification of histochemical staining patterns of acetylcholinesterase activity in rectal suction biopsy in Hirschsprung's disease.  J Med Thai, 83(10), 1196-1201.  
Cheepsunthorn, Poonlarp.  (1998).  Cellular distribution of ferritin subunits in postnatal in postman rat brain.  J Comp Neurol, 400(1), 73-86.