Sugit Pattaramalai

สุกิจ ภัทรมาลัย


Journal Article

Pattaramalai S; Skubitz K M; Skubitz A P N.  (1996).  A novel recognition site on laminin for the alpha3beta1 integrin.  Experimental Cell Research, 222, 218-90.  : (in English)
Pattaramalai S; Skubitz A P N.  (1994).  Promotion of human oral squamous cell carcinoma adhesion in vitro by the carboxy-terminal globular domain of laminin.  Archs Oral Biol, 39(11), 925-33.  : (in English)
Pattaramalai S; Wilke M S ; Skubitz A P N.  (1992).  Adhesion of oral squamous carcinoma cells to synthetic peptides derived from laminin.  Molecular Biology of the Cell, Supplement 3, 70a.  : (in English)

Research Report

Pattaramalai S.  (1994).  The interaction of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells with laminin: identification of a laminin sequence that promotes cell adhesion by an integrin receptor.  Minneapolis : University of Minnesota
Pattaramalai S.  (1990).  Effect of masticatory muscle hyperactivity on temporomandibular joint sounds.  Seattle : University of Washington