Wikrom Jaruphongsa

วิกรม จารุพงศา


Journal Article

Jaruphongsa, Wikrom; Cetinkaya, S.; Lee, C.Y..  (2004).  A Two-Echelon Inventory Optimization Model with Demand Time Window Considerations.  Journal of Global Optimization, 30, 347-366.  : (in English)
Lee, C.Y.; Cetinkaya, S.; Jaruphongsa, Wirkom.  (2003).  A Dynamic Model for Inventory Lost Sizing and Outbound Shipment Scheduling at a Third-Party Warehouse.  Operations Research, 51, 735-747.  : (in English)


Lee, L.H.; Huang, H.C.; Lee, C.; Jaruphongsa, Wikrom; Yong, Y.Y., et al.  (2003).  Discrete Event Simulation Model for Airline Operations: SIMAIR. Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference.  New Orleand, USA